Landlocked: Fairy tale in old bohemia

LOCKDOWN, and the arrival of winter, bring thoughts of lands & cultures 

that are wildly different to Ireland

and that can only be revisited in pictures

Telč, Czech Republic – UNESCO World Heritage Site

like Telč, a dreamscape, a baroque layer cake iced in a hundred different shades

Telč, Czech Republic, border of Bohemia and Moravia

and Český Krumlov, a couple of hours away 

where there is a garret full of remarkable, forever-staring marionettes

Marionette Museum, Latrán č.6, Český Krumlov

like the old forgotten attic of a master puppet maker

they hang from the rafters

Telč, southern Czech Republic

marionettes are not quite of this world but have a quality that is too human:

not real, but too close to real for comfort … uncanny, frozen


stilled but always about to move


two hundred of them swing softly from the beams of old St Jobst Church

waiting to come to life again

Marionette Museum, St. Jobst Church, Latrán No. 6, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

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