On Skellig Michael

It was easy to get to Skellig Michael a few years ago, before Star Wars

Our bed-and-breakfast, in Portmagee, just rang the boats and booked us a place

The boat-ride was choppy and wild, one hour – no life-jackets available

We circled Little Skellig for a while because the sea was too agitated and Skellig Michael has no harbour

Just a rock that you have to jump onto

Once on the rock, there are 618 steps to climb

There had been some recent deaths on Skellig Michael, from falls

We were given a lecture about always watching our feet

There were vertiginous moments

In June there were also puffins


There are sheer drops to the side of you all the way up

The place does feel like something from another world

At the top of Skellig Michael is an ancient monastic site

That dates from a thousand years ago

People lived in these beehive huts all year round


They are buried here …

Under ancient crosses

Little Skellig is always on the horizon

Wherever you are

Coming down Skellig Michael is no easier

Than going up

Watch your feet

At all times

When you’re not looking

At the spectacular views

And puffins

At the rough jetty we jumped back on the boat

Journeying away from the Skellig

We could hardly believe that we were ever on that strange rock

From the mainland, on Valentia Island, the Skellig exerts a magical pull….

It’s hard to stop looking at it, knowing you were on it just the day before

I hear it’s harder to get to now, but just ask your B&B if you’re in Portmagee

©2017 Travel Pictorium

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