A Cottage in Connemara

The Connemara Loop and on into Mayo

Lough Inagh, The Inagh Valley
Connemara Coastal Cottages no.186

An isolated cottage, Killary Fjord

The setting
Derryclare Lough

A road trip on The Wild Atlantic Way

The Doolough Valley, Mayo


The Renvyle Peninsula

No WiFi

No central heating

No phone reception

Deserted beaches, and roads

The R344

Just a crackly radio

The amazing Glassilaun
Sunset at Trá an Dóilín (Coral Strand), Carraroe

A peat-burning stove

The perfect road trip

For an escape

from the meaningless grind

DSCF6054 master

©2017 Travel Pictorium

9 thoughts on “A Cottage in Connemara

  1. Look forward to these photos, I like the idea of “homely” as well as your usual “scene” photography I’ve been looking to see when you’ve uploaded more

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