Secret Hilltowns of Southern Tuscany

Southern Tuscany is wilder and not as famous as its more northerly parts

But the hilltowns are better

Our base was Pitigliano 

The first glimpse of the town is dramatic

It rises from the rock itself

We arrived on the Festa of Corpus Domini (18th June)

When the streets are decorated with flowers

Which are trampled on later by priests

Nearby Sorano

There are ‘secret’ hilltowns all around

Like Sorano, a few kilometres down the road

And Montemerano, where they were celebrating Amore

We stayed in Casa dei Lavatoi (the old wash-house)

Casa dei Lavatoi, Pitigliano

Beside the arches of the aqueduct in Pitigliano (recommended)

View from Via dell’Unità D’Italia, Pitigliano

You have mountains on your doorstep

Monte Amiata

And free hot springs down the road


If you fancy them

This is


©2017 Travel Pictorium

3 thoughts on “Secret Hilltowns of Southern Tuscany

  1. How did I not know there is a festival called Amore? The towns look almost biblical sprung from the rocks. I’d love a book of this pictorium. As would others I’m sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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