Il Gargano National Park 1: Coast

A trip to the Gargano National Park in Puglia, Italy


First week: an exploration of the coast, from Vieste (above).

Calarossa, San Nicandro Garganico
Punta delle Sirene, Vieste
Punta delle Sirene, Vieste
Vieste: the blue hour
Master DSCF7019
Evening in Vieste
Baia delle Zagare
Baia delle Zagare

Note: A disgraceful and embarrassing feature of the Gargano National Park is the deliberate obscuring of public access to beaches such as Spiaggia delle Zagare (below).

Despite being utilised photographically as an emblem for the National Park, access to the best side of this famous beach is illegally blocked by the ugly Hotel Baia delle Zagare, which charges €30 per person out of season to visit the sands. Their staff also actively ‘discourage’ passersby from discovering that there is a public footpath to the other side of the beach which they don’t control. Vergogna!

Trabucco Tufara with the Saracen Porticello Tower in the background

Colours of Vieste

The only beach (outside of the large towns) that has a brown tourist sign and clearly-marked public access is Cala della Pergola.

Maybe because it is too small and rocky to over-develop and make easy cash from.

Cala Lunga – also very difficult to find!


Spiaggia delle Zagare / dei Faraglioni – the accessible side

There are excellent directions to the public Baia delle Zagare beach here in Italian, but with photos: Le istruzioni foto per foto su come arrivare

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