Magheramore Strand, Wicklow: New Year’s Day Swim

we had an early swim here, new year 2020

Magheramore (An Machaire Mór), Wicklow, Ireland

it was about 10:00am, before the walkers got there

Cold-water giddy at Magheramore

it always feels like a safe, tranquil swim at Magheramore – long may it be accessible

7 thoughts on “Magheramore Strand, Wicklow: New Year’s Day Swim

      1. I used to bring hard stuff with me during my winter swims but it recently dawned upon me that, because alcohol is acidic and having an acidic blood pH increases the chances of catching the flu, drinking alcohol after a winter swim is not that much of a great idea. The real solution is going alkaline by eating plenty of alkaline foods like fruit and raw vegetables. By following this kind of diet one can actually take a cold shower and swim in cold water without ever catching the flu and all the more so because it seems like research shows that cold water boosts the immune system. Anyway I must admit that once in a while (quite rarely now) I do bring some hard stuff with me when I go swimming in winter

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