4 thoughts on “Coastal textures I

    1. Ah hello! I think they were gannets yes – it was an amazing boat trip around the dark and atmospheric stacks on the way back from the island. It’s either Stac Lee or Stac an Armin, where 11 people survived for nine months in 18th C after being stranded there whilst hunting birds… an incredible story x

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      1. I thought it looked like Skellig Michael on first glance… Blimey, I never know how people survive living in such places. I am now thinking of the ‘careless’ lighthouse keeper whose kids kept falling off the side of Skellig…

        I reckon gannets would make a good feast although they do smell bad en masse.

        I like your textures experiment very much! Are you going to do some more?

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      2. It does look like a mini Skellig … I must now immediately google the lighthouse keeper’s unfortunate kids… I feel the gannet would be an oily bird but generously fleshy. More textures are coming soon! Thanks Dib

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