A Dublin Album

A pictorial tour

DSC03239ps - Copy.jpg

Of some of Dublin’s most colourful and unchanged features

171 2
A Typical Dublin Door
DSC03214b - Copy
Wood Quay
178Bgimp - Copy
Pub Facades
24.08tt gimp
Upper Great George’s Street

Ghost houses (Henrietta Street)

The River Liffey, evening

Georgian Doors 

Knobs and Knockers of Dublin

DSCF5281 Master - Copy
Dublin Castle

Around Pearse Square 

Portobello Doors

Grand Canal

DSC02595b - Copy
The Long Hall Pub
DSCF0025 - Copy
Old Pub Front
DSC03557new - Copy
Autumn in Dublin
Four Courts

LATE FEB 2010 004 - Copy.jpg


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