A Snowfall in Carcassonne

Carcassonne was green when we arrived, rainy

Master DSCF1542.jpg

But the next morning there was a strange silence 

Master Tones DSCF1665.jpg

And it looked like this

Master Weds DSCF1664
Master DSCF1623
Inside La Cité
Master Weds DSCF1653
View from afar

Frozen in an enchanted snowfall

Master DSCF1667
La Ville Basse, Carcassonne
Master DSCF1646
Place Carnot, Carcassonne
Master Weds DSCF1802
Place Auguste-Pierre Pont, Carcassonne
Master Weds DSCF1837
Le Pont Vieux, Carcassonne

Master Weds DSCF1807


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