When Dublin Froze (Winter Songs)

It was 2009

December 2010 437

And again in ’10

December 2010 430 - Copy.jpg

When Dublin froze

SEPIA test December 2010 277_edited-1

And we had no water

January 2009 159

For Christmas

January 2009 155

The Rialto heron

Seemed to like it

December 2010 276

The Portobello swans found islands where they could

Cyan Mountains Feb 09 032.jpg

The Dublin mountains looked like something else

Mountains Feb 09 087 - ONE.jpg

Dublin properly froze…

Final 2 December 2010 278 (2)

And looked enchanted for a while

©2017 Travel Pictorium

Some Winter Songs, Not Christmas

All winter songs 

gratefully received…

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