Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Norway

Day 1 at Preikestolen

Master DSCF4880
Pulpit Rock, 19th June 2018

Fog, rain; freezing

Master DSCF4868
Preikestolen, stormy


Day 2 at Preikestolen

Master DSCF5864_edited-4
22nd June, 2018

Master 2 DSCF5775

Lysefjord visible, most of the time

Master DSCF5638_edited-1
Above Pulpit Rock
Master DSCF3368
22nd June, 2018

Some rain, some sun 

Master DSCF5711_edited-1
Master DSCF5652
Day 2 at Preikestolen
Master DSCF3374
Pulpit Rock
Master DSCF5780
On the edge
Master crop2 DSCF3401
Lysefjord, below Pulpit Rock

Master DSCF3388

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